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Welcome to Ledge Plumbing, with technicians all over Brisbane (we could be in Kenmore Hills right now), we’re the go-to experts for your plumbing needs. We specialise in everything from blocked drains, burst pipes, and hot water repairs, to any general & emergency plumbing needs.

Our technicians have the skills to get your plumbing issues fixed in no time! With an unmatched attention to detail and great after service support, we know how to make our customers happy!

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When you trust your emergency plumbing needs to Ledge Plumbing, you’re choosing value, professionalism, expertise, and unbeatable convenience. Rain or shine, night or day, we’re always available to handle all of your toughest emergencies in Kenmore Hills. Plus, we stand behind the work we do in every possible way. We don’t rest until we’re positive you’re satisfied with the job we’ve done.


Hiring the right Emergency Plumber for Kenmore Hills

The thing is not all emergency plumbing companies in Brisbane are created equally. Some can be low-quality plumbers that are banking on the hope that you won’t take the time to do your homework before hiring them (there aren’t a lot of them, but they’re around). You can make sure it doesn’t happen to you or anyone you love when you know what to look for before committing yourself to hiring a decent plumber!

Insurance Policies and Credentials

While it would certainly be nice to think that every emergency plumbing service in Kenmore Hills is properly licensed and insured, it’s important not to take that for granted. Don’t let your desire to get your plumbing emergency taken care of in no time flat trick you into cutting corners where you shouldn’t. It’s also a good idea to ask what type of training and hiring procedures the company has in place for its plumbers. Any plumbers in Kenmore Hills worth hiring will be happy to answer your questions.

Convenient, Value-Oriented Service

Emergency plumbing services worth hiring also don’t use an emergency as an excuse to price-gouge a customer, add trumped up fees to the bill, or otherwise jack up the price of a job. They deliver high quality services that reflect value in every way, shape, and form. You as the customer should be surprised at what you’re getting for your money when you ask what’s included during your initial call! Emergency plumbers also make it a point to be available 24/7 (including weekends and holidays) as well.