A Blocked Drain in Woodridge? No Problem!

We’ve all heard those stories of plumbing go wrong at the worst possible time, a water heater that decided to stop working in the dead of winter, or a toilet that got a blocked drain just before hosting a massive dinner. But have you ever stopped to think about who in Woodridge you would call if you had a blocked drain?

Welcome to Ledge Plumbing, with technicians all over Brisbane (we could be in Woodridge right now), we’re the go-to experts for your plumbing needs. We specialise in everything from blocked drains, burst pipes, and hot water repairs, to any general & emergency plumbing needs.

Our technicians have the skills to get your plumbing issues fixed in no time! With an unmatched attention to detail and great after service support, we know how to make our customers happy!

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– What We Stand For –

Experienced & Qualified

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When you trust your emergency plumbing needs to Ledge Plumbing, you’re choosing value, professionalism, expertise, and unbeatable convenience. Rain or shine, night or day, we’re always available to handle all of your toughest blocked drains in Woodridge. Plus, we stand behind the work we do in every possible way. We don’t rest until we’re positive you’re happy with the job we’ve done.


Blocked drains can happen for any number of reasons. They can occur as the result of either a gradual or sudden build-up of sediment, molds, and solids. Some blocked drains become compromised in the first place because of overgrown root systems and dead animals. Whatever the case may be for the blocked drain in your Woodridge home, you’ll need an experienced plumber in your corner to help put it to rights.

Tried and True Methods You Can Trust

Only trust your drains to experienced plumbers that rely on proven, trusted methods for clearing even the most stubborn blockages. These methods should include use of a professional drain machine (also known as an electric eel or snake). Drain machines are capable of making short work of notoriously tough obstructions – such as tree roots – in record time. When necessary, camera equipment should also be available to help identify and locate especially elusive issues in your Woodridge home.

Experienced plumbing professionals aren’t just able to remove tough-to-handle blockages in a timely, efficient manner. They’re also happy to perform routine maintenance work that will help prevent root systems and other obstacles from blocking or damaging your plumbing again in the future. They can help in regards to replacement piping, drain replacement, and trenchless relining if necessary as well.

For best results, consider having your drainage system in Woodridge evaluated and serviced every six months to avoid future blockages. Then you’ll never have to worry that your toilet, shower, or kitchen sink will simply stop working at the worst possible time.

Hiring the right plumber for blocked drains in Woodridge

The thing is not all plumbers in Brisbane are created equally. There are actually plumbers that are banking on the hope that you won’t take the time to do your homework before hiring them (there aren’t a lot of them, but they’re around). You can make sure it doesn’t happen to you or anyone you love when you know what to look for before committing yourself to hiring a plumber in Woodridge!

Affordable, Customer-focused Service

For example, any plumbers worth hiring don’t use an emergency like blocked drains as an excuse to price-gouge a customer, or jack up the price of a job. They should deliver high quality services that reflect the value you deserve, and that’s exactly what we strive for! Providing value at an affordable rate!